Our partners in Canada, who also operates out of German. Azerbaijan, UK, Egypt, Russia are experts in Satellite Mineral Mapping which give almost 100% accurate results identifying reserves in mine fields.  This method is quicker as well relatively cheaper than other conventional methods used for Geological Survey.  This method guarantees proven reserves.

One of the technologies that our company is employing is frequency-resonance processing and decoding of satellite images and photographic images which we shortly named “Direct Prospecting remote sensing technology “. We offer exploration services for Clients in search of oil and gas deposits, ore minerals, and the search for drinking, mineral, and hydrothermal waters. This method allows us to acquire data and process it simultaneously rendering up to 100% accurate mapping of HC, water (or any other mineral for that matter) within a remarkably shorter time frame (indicatively) couple to several months depending on the size of the designated acreage. Simplistically speaking, it resembles MRI scanning using methods based upon electromagnetic resonance phenomena per Nikola Tesla’s discovered Earth-standing Waves. The discovery of standing waves means that the Earth responds to electrical vibrations of a certain wavelength range in the same way as a tuning fork to the sound of a certain wave. These specific electrical vibrations, capable of powerfully exciting the globe, have an infinite number of applications of great importance in commercial and many other fields.

Notably, scanning can be done of both offshore and onshore acreage of any size and up to 1000 km depth remotely allowing not only an accurate map of hydrocarbon structure, and water horizons but also its composition. Which is rarely achievable by way of 3D seismic or any other “classical” method.

The company employs highly qualified geologists and geophysicists with experience in industrial geological and geophysical organizations and institutions of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Germany, and Azerbaijan.

We pride ourselves on having abroad such a strong team of experts that includes geoscientists, radio engineers, and geophysics that have invented the technology and refined it through years of thorough research and development.

Direct Prospecting technology enables us to research all the direct research considered territories to locate and map any minerals of interest. And/or we can research any smaller Client designated acreage up to an exact spot where the Client’s hired drilling company may be planning to lay a well or wells. In the latter instance, we would be able to advise them exactly if they are going to find any hydrocarbons, water, or other substance there or hit a dry well. This will allow the Client to save dramatically both timewise and money-wise.

The fundamental feature of the technology is: the use of technology in prospecting for oil and gas deposits, ore minerals, and aquifers makes it possible to speed up the exploration process in a revolutionary way, as well as increase its efficiency.

Our technological components and equipment are:

The technology allows you quickly

Approbation and effectiveness

Our technology has been tested in more than 100 well-known oil and gas, water, hydrogen, uranium, gold, and other mineral deposits. Achieving the efficiency of solving a specific practical problem ensures the development of preliminary conclusions and recommendations based on the results of the performed measurement work. The results of the practical application of the technology at various
sites and territories are described in numerous publications (Upon your request we can provide them).

Requirements information

For detailed analysis

integral assessment

Reporting and results